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Yearly Archives: 2010

The Army’s New Fitness Guide

30th December 2010

For members of the military stationed around the world, it is critically important they find ways to maintain their health and physical fitness. Whether they are staff officers, soldiers in the field or those working in logistics and support, military … Continue reading

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Start Young and You Could Be #1

28th December 2010

Lee Westwood recently achieved one of his ultimate dreams, surpassing Tiger Woods to become the number one ranked golfer in the world. His ascension to the top of his profession at age 37 completed a journey that began more than … Continue reading

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How NOT to keep fit

20th December 2010

US Army-style boot camps have become all the rage on the fitness scene. Led by instructors who constantly implore and encourage their students to push harder and harder, these boot camps promise what is essentially a quick fix for adults … Continue reading

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Do Our Children Get Enough Exercise At School?

13th December 2010

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM), the UK’s largest multidisciplinary organisation in this field, has recently sounded an alarm, claiming our children are not getting the exercise they need while in school. This is something we at … Continue reading

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Caloo Mini Golf features in Golf Business News

9th December 2010

Leading Golf publication, Golf Business News, today ran an article about our mini golf product after being impressed by the system at Saltex 2010. Follow this link for the full story. Contact Caloo Sales office for further details.

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