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China’s women’s team wins world table tennis championships

13th April 2012
Outdoor table tennis table

Photograph by Will Palmer

When the women’s national team from Singapore stunned the Chinese at the world team finals in 2010, some speculated that it might be the beginning of an era of greater parity in the sport of table tennis. However, when the two nations collided again at the 2012 World Table Tennis Team Championships in Germany, the Chinese showed everyone that these assumptions were exceedingly premature, as they completely overwhelmed their opponents in a rematch of the 2010 finals.

In the sport of table tennis, China’s players are clearly among the top standard bearers. Men’s and women’s teams from all over the world will be arriving in London this summer with high hopes of bringing home medals, but everyone knows that players from China will be likely to ascend the winner’s platform more frequently than players from any other nation. Here in Great Britain, if even one of our table tennis players manages to claim gold, silver or bronze, it will be a cause for national celebration, because everyone recognises that, despite the progress that has been made, this nation still has a long way to go to become a major force in this sport so dominated by countries from the East.

Rather than envying the Chinese players their success, we should be inspired by it. The sport of table tennis has been exploding in popularity in the UK, and this has led to a proliferation of the number of both outdoor table tennis tables and indoor tables that are available for aspiring competitors. In China, table tennis has been loved for decades, which just shows you what can happen when people are passionate about a sport. Table tennis has gained a lot of momentum here and, in order to keep it going, we should be making a big push to install even more outdoor table tennis tables at locations across the nation.

Why outdoor table tennis tables? Because when people play outdoors, they can get the benefits of sunshine and fresh air, and also because outdoor table tennis tables do not take up much room, fitting easily in just about any public area where a few square metres of open space are available. Young players need more opportunity to discover the wonders of this exciting sport, and outdoor table tennis tables located in parks, on beaches, in schoolyards and near sports fields are virtually guaranteed to become popular destinations for table tennis aficionados of all ages.

But there is one important caveat: without question, these new outdoor table tennis tables should be purchased from Caloo. Caloo’s outdoor table tennis tables are separated from the competition by their sleek, attractive, durable, damage-resistant, and fade- and glare-proof design. Whether or not the UK is destined to experience the success China has achieved is unknown; however, the one thing we can say for sure is that players need excellent indoor and outdoor table tennis tables on which to train to properly develop their skills.