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Protect our playgrounds with Fields in Trust

10th May 2012

Playground equipment from Caloo

Determined to leave a lasting fitness legacy that will benefit future generations, the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, under the able leadership of HRH The Duke of Cambridge, has announced that it will offer permanent legal protection to 2,012 outdoor recreational spaces across the United Kingdom. This number has obviously been chosen in recognition of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations this year, and the administrating Fields in Trust organisation is currently taking nominations from interested parties who would like to see the sports pitches, bicycle trails, public gardens, parks and playgrounds in their communities protected and preserved in perpetuity.

In addition to receiving permanent legal protection against the ambitions of developers, each of the 2,012 outdoor venues chosen will be given a special commemorative Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge plaque to be displayed onsite, and each will be eligible for grants to help them improve existing facilities or add new amenities.

For playgrounds, these grants could be especially important, since this money can be used to provide the best playground equipment available on the market. Providing our children with access to outdoor playground equipment is vital to the health of all UK citizens, because the habits of play and exercise that young people develop during their formative years are likely to stay with them long after they reach adulthood. Playground equipment, in short, represents a critical investment in our collective future, which is why any playground or park fortunate enough to be selected for recognition and funding by Fields in Trust should strongly consider purchasing new equipment from the exercise and outdoor activity specialists at Caloo.

If they gave out plaques for excellence in playground equipment design and manufacture, the fine professionals at Caloo would have received theirs long ago. Caloo’s outdoor playground equipment offers a handsome and colourful display of platforms, slides, ladders, crawl spaces, hand rails and other features, which provide hours of healthy entertainment for children. Caloo sells different outdoor playground equipment sets appropriate for all ages and any playground that chooses to purchase and install this high quality playground equipment can be sure that the children who come to play there will have wonderful experiences that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

The special plaques received by playgrounds and other outdoor recreational areas from the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge will no doubt be installed and displayed prominently and with great pride. But for playgrounds and other spaces that choose to purchase new playground equipment or outdoor fitness equipment from Caloo, these should be displayed just as proudly, because Caloo products are just that good.