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Start Young and You Could Be #1

28th December 2010

Mini Golf or crazy golf course by CalooLee Westwood recently achieved one of his ultimate dreams, surpassing Tiger Woods to become the number one ranked golfer in the world. His ascension to the top of his profession at age 37 completed a journey that began more than two decades earlier, when his grandparents gave him a half set of golf clubs as a gift when he was just 13 years old. Westwood proved to be something of a prodigy and at the tender age of 15 he won a junior championship in his home county of Nottinghamshire. Westwood’s career has been a continual story of accomplishments, including winning his first amateur tournament at 17, joining the professional tour at 20 and subsequently becoming a regular on the European Ryder Cup team.

This simple gift truly changed his life, even though his grandparents could not have known the impact it would have. What happened to Westwood was the ultimate dream but one does not need to achieve fame and fortune to experience the benefits of exercise through sport. For young people, early involvement in sports and other physical activity helps them develop healthy habits and lifestyles, as well as greater self-confidence through achievement in competitive pursuits. They also learn valuable lessons about the importance of cooperation, fair play, perseverance and patience, among many other positive characteristics.

Any kind of sport or physical activity can be valuable for these purposes, including something as innocuous as mini golf or crazy golf as it’s sometimes known. While not as strenuous as many sports, miniature golf is competitive and a lot of fun, which is ideal when we are encouraging children to become more interested in sports. Miniature golf requires skill and patience and is a perfect way to get our children to put aside their video games and get outside into the open air.

As outdoor play and exercise equipment specialists we supply crazy and miniature golf ranges to schools, local authorities, private companies and anyone else who’s keen to encourage people to partake in the sport. The ranges are made out of strong, flexible, weather-proof materials and come in modular parts that weigh no more than 15 kg each, which makes for easy and quick set-up or rearrangement on a variety of landscapes.

There’s no doubt that kids of all ages will be delighted by the fun and excitement of miniature golf. And – you never know – if they really enjoy the sport, perhaps they will want to try the real thing. Today’s fledgling miniature golf enthusiast could indeed turn out to be the next Lee Westwood.

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