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Team GB Table Tennis fails to qualify for Olympics

21st May 2012

Outdoor table tennis tablesAt the recent European Table Tennis Olympic Qualification Tournament in Luxembourg there were eleven Olympic spots available for both men and women. Unfortunately, none of Great Britain’s top players were able to secure a place in the upcoming Games at this competition. This was not a complete surprise but still has to be considered something of a disappointment. While table tennis in the UK has come a long way in a relatively short time, these results show that our nation still has some distance to travel to reach a greater level of parity on the international stage.

But all is not lost. Since the Games will be held in London, six host nation spots (three for men and three for women) will still be open for British players, so our top table tennis competitors will have a chance to pursue their Olympic dreams. Paul Drinkhall, Liam Pitchford and Joanna Parker, in particular, have all enjoyed success on the international stage in the past, so it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility that the British team may be able to walk away from these Games with something tangible to show how much progress they have actually made.

Regardless of what happens in London this summer, given the growing popularity of this sport in the UK, the strong feeling here is that great achievements in table tennis will be a part of Great Britain’s Olympic future. In order to make sure that prediction comes true, however, it is essential that we do everything we can to guarantee that young players have access to the best table tennis equipment and facilities. Whether we are talking about indoor or outdoor table tennis tables, we can be sure that the installation of tables will draw players, because the UK really has fallen in love with this fun and exciting sport.

Outdoor table tennis tables installed in parks, on beaches, near sports centres or other popular gathering spots, and on school grounds can make an especially big impact, since young people have a natural need to get out in the sun to play and exercise. Outdoor table tennis tables from Caloo placed in these locations can make the biggest impact of all because of how durable, well-designed and player-friendly these tables are. Outdoor table tennis tables from Caloo are resistant to wear and tear, glare, fading and vandalism. Essentially, outdoor table tennis tables from Caloo are designed to withstand just about anything that people or the environment can throw their way.

Outdoor table tennis tables can act as the training grounds for future Olympic champions. And, more than anything else, they will give young players – and players who are young at heart – expanded opportunities to participate in a wonderful sport that is healthy, thrilling and just plain fun.