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Full Body Workout Bundle

Features 12 EN 16630 certified / compliant units with 20 User Stations:

  • Lat Pull – CW01
  • Chest Press – CW02
  • Leg Press – CW-06
  • Exercise Bars – CW07
  • Skier – CW08
  • Chin Up – CW10
  • Rider – CW14
  • Air Walker – CW12
  • Combi Benches – CW16
  • Cross Rider – CW23
  • Rowing Machine – CW32
  • Cycle – CW28B

For those seeking a bundle incorporating strength based activities, our Full Body Workout bundle is ideal.

Please note - EN 16630 is suitable for users 1400mm tall and over. Units are supplied labelled with this information.

During project planning, consideration should be given to location and usage and a risk assessment for all items should be undertaken. We recommend any free access gym facility is located a minimum of 25m from existing play equipment used by younger children and consideration should be given to an additional sign(s) advising that the equipment is not play equipment and not suitable for children’s play. Additionally fencing or screening and surface considerations should be given to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

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