Fighting Child Obesity with Park and Playground Equipment

Obesity numbers are rising on a global level – and children now make up a significant proportion of these statistics. This is very problematic for young people, as obesity can have a negative impact on children’s lives in many ways. For example, it creates the foundation for a broad spectrum of health complications that can be very problematic, from asthma to diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain and fatty liver disease. So, it’s vital for countries on a global level to take steps to try to mitigate the risks of child obesity – parks and playground equipment has a lot to offer this cause.


How can park and playground equipment make a difference?


Improving social skills and creating space for friendships – Obesity can create social problems for children – one piece of research found that obese kids are 1.7 times more likely to be disliked than other children – and there are clear connections between obesity and bullying. Strong friendships can help to overcome many of the social issues that can drive obesity and provide vital support networks. Park and playground equipment creates the space for social interaction, improving social skills and meeting new people to make friendships happen.


Inspiring more physical activity – Children are supposed to have 60 minutes of physical activity every day but research has found that only a quarter of children do actually have this. Obesity is associated with lower levels of physical activity – and more of it can help to provide solutions to weight gain and also help children to avoid it in the first place. This obviously has to be combined with a healthy attitude to diet. Park and playground equipment is easily accessible and can inspire children to be more active in a way that doesn’t feel like an onerous weight loss journey.


Playgrounds are fun – We tend to do more of what we enjoy at any age so exercise that feels fun is likely to have a lot more sticking power. Park and playground equipment is designed to make the experience of activity a lot of fun, imaginative and creatively stimulating. Playful physical activity is vital for children to remain active and healthy and also to have a positive experience to associate with movement and exercise.


Learning how to be themselves – Confidence is a big factor in how we feel about ourselves and this is linked to obesity in many ways. Emotional eating can be very problematic, in adults or children, and the more confident we feel the less likely this is to happen. Parks and playgrounds are places where children can find confidence, learn who they are and understand how to express and love themselves.


An alternative to more sedentary activities – Children today spend a lot of time in front of screens and sitting with devices – in short, they move less. Park and playground equipment provides an alternative way to spend time that is active, inspiring and doesn’t involve a screen.


Childhood obesity is a problem we can no longer ignore. These are some of the ways in which park and playground equipment is contributing to the solution.


Caloo outdoor gym equipment is a cheap and exciting way for children to get into fitness. All schools should considering installing an outdoor gym in their play area if they’re serious about battling child obesity.


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