Cam residents get active with Caloo

NEW Outdoor Fitness Equipment has been fitted by Caloo in Cam, Gloucestershire to help encourage the local community to develop and maintain active lifestyles. The recent installation contained 8 exercise units positioned informally within an existing park environment.

Parish Clerk Sue Hanman said, “Cam Parish Council has been extremely pleased with its collaboration with Caloo in the installation of its ‘Outdoor Gym’. From first enquiry to installation and beyond, the Company has been extremely helpful and supportive. The installation team arrived on time and completed their work very quickly and efficiently. Now in place, the equipment looks attractive and sturdy and has already been the subject of some excellent feedback from the community – from children participating in the play programme at the field where the equipment is, to ‘mature’ dog walkers who have enjoyed it whilst walking in the area. Even I, by no means a fitness freak, have had a go and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!”

Caloo Outdoor Fitness Equipment is designed to create open use, FREE access, outdoor fitness facilities to benefit the whole community. With resistance offered from user weight, these carbon neutral, human powered units are environmentally friendly and great fun. With many different activities within the range, communities can choose items that encourage fitness activities or those to aid rehabilitation or recovery after illness or injury.

For more information contact our sales office on 0845 055 8218 or visit our special offers page for bundle offers.