Project Details
Client Horsley Parish Council
Budget £10,357.00 + VAT
Date 2019
Project Type Steel Trail Unit with Grass Matting Surfacing

The Brief:
The Client originally contacted looking for repairs to an old wooden trim trail, through further discussion the Client were happy to move forwards with replacing the old trail with a new durable steel trail unit.

The Nettix unit chosen offered a steel framework with steel rope core, great play value for older children with climbing and spinning. Grass matting surfacing was also requested to help with the wear on the grass long term.

Equipment Installed:
1638 – Nettix Journey Trail
Grass matting safety surfacing

The Challenges:
Protective fencing was installed to allow the team to work safely in the community park. The area was sectioned off and remained secure until the site was complete.

The Outcome:
The installation was a great success and the site was opened to allow children to explore the new equipment.
The unit offers 2 rope ladders, 4 climb nets, 1 standing spinner, 1 tunnel climb net, and 1 free hanging spinner.