Project Details
CLIENT South Marston Parish Council, Village Recreation Association.
BUDGET £10,795.00 + VAT
DATE 2018
PROJECT TYPE Community Outdoor Gym

The Brief:
The Client indicated they were looking for an outdoor gym bundle to be installed into their local recreation ground with surfacing. They were interested in the equipment being laid out to for a circuit for local users.

The Budget: £10,795.00 + VAT

Equipment Installed:

• Community Outdoor Gym Bundle
• Grass Matt Surfacing

The Challenges:
The installation of this site provided a few challenges for the team. Working within a community park meant the public had access 24/7. Protective fencing was installed to allow the team to work safely in the designated area, this also helped limited access and protect the public while the works were completed.

The Outcome:
The local community have found the new gym equipment to be great for encouraging residents of all ages to get active. The variety of cardiovascular and strength-based units allows a full body workout and we worked with the client to layout the equipment to be used as circuit practice as specified.