Project Details
Client Yately Town Council
Budget £9,500
Date 2017
Project Type Variable Resistance Outdoor Gym and Wetpour Surfacing

The Site :
Yateley Town Council

The Brief:
The Client were looking for an outdoor gym to be installed at a community park. This was to offer wider exercise facilities to the community in an easy to access location.

Equipment Installed:

-Vario Combi Bundle
   – Cross Rider
   – Arm Bike
   – Chest Press
   – Seated Row
-Wetpour surfacing

The Challenges:
The installation of this site provided a few challenges for the team. Working within a community site meant the public had access 24/7. Protective fencing was installed to allow the team to work safely in the designated area, this also helped limited access and protect the public while the works were completed.

The gym has seen a lot of use within the location next to the car park. The wetpour pads under each unit means the equipment can be used throughout the year and detracts from mud building around the units. The mixture of cardiovascular activities and strength means users can achieve a full body work out using each of the machines. The variable resistance also offers a high level of intensity when exercising.