Is now the right time to invest in a new playground?

Playgrounds are fantastic spaces that can really bring out the best in children and allow them to explore themselves and their environment. But there is usually a point when a playground starts to look a little run down. Maybe the equipment is a little dated or you have safety concerns. A new playground can be a daunting investment but, if the time is right, then it can be an essential step to take.

How do you know it’s time to invest in a new playground?

  • Equipment is old, worn down or potentially unsafe. Out of date equipment tends to be less engaging for children using the playground and may need a lot more maintenance than newer pieces. A new playground, with new equipment, can reduce the maintenance and repair burden and also create new options for play and interaction. Old equipment may also have become unsafe, in which case it should be replaced swiftly.
  • Modern safety standards aren’t being met. Innovation is constant in every industry, including when it comes to playground equipment and surfaces. When you invest in a new playground you get the peace of mind of knowing that modern safety standards are being met. That’s not the case with older playgrounds, which may fall short in many ways simply because standards have changed since the playground was first constructed. If your playground is dated, or you have any concerns about safety standards, now is the time to invest in a new playground.
  • Create a more appealing space. One of the reasons playgrounds attract children is because they look appealing to explore – this is something that can fade significantly over time, especially if equipment looks old fashioned. A playground may end up almost abandoned because it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as others. When you invest in a new playground you’re ensuring that it will get plenty of use and encouraging children to use it more. Older spaces may get low – and fairly unenthusiastic – use while newer playgrounds tend to be much more popular.
  • Design a space that makes a big contribution to development. Playgrounds today have the potential to contribute to child development in so many ways, especially when you create a new playground. For example, the right playground equipment can help children to develop fine motor skills and build physical strength and confidence. A well designed space will create somewhere that children can learn to collaborate and be sociable, making a big contribution to emotional development. Plus, a modern playground is the perfect place for children to start understanding their own bodies, how to build strength and why activity feels good. In fact, a new playground is a real gift to all those who are able to use it.

From equipment that is out of date to a space that doesn’t get much use, there are many obvious signs that it’s time to invest in a new playground. The benefits are many, including greater use of the playground and the opportunity to support positive development.