What is wet pour safety surfacing?

Wet pour safety surfacing is an innovative solution to the specific requirements of many different play areas today. It is high quality, hard wearing, needs a very low level of maintenance and has very high safety standards. The slip resistant surface makes it ideal for playgrounds and play areas and there are lots of different options when it comes to aesthetics and design too. That’s why wet pour safety surfacing is such a popular choice today.

What is wet pour safety surfacing made of?

The innovative nature of wet pour safety surfing is part of the appeal, as it provides not just a good looking aesthetic finish but also surfacing that genuinely meets the needs and high safety standards of any environment, including childrens’ playgrounds. Wet pour is essentially a mix of EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane glue binder. It’s an incredibly simple formula but the results it produces are impressive. The name ‘wet pour’ comes from the way that this type of surfacing is laid – it is generally mixed on site and then laid wet onto the play area that it is designed to cover.

Why is wet pour such a great option?

  • It has a lot of important safety features, including slip resistance. This is incredibly important so that children can run around and enjoy playgrounds without having to worry about falling.
  • Wet pour surfacing can be installed in a variety of different thicknesses, which means that it can accommodate the fall heights of any type of equipment. Depending on the area and the equipment, some groundwork may be required before wet pour safety surfacing is installed.
  • The range of colours and designs is extensive. Especially in a playground, the surfacing can have a big impact on how much the area is used and the way that children use it. One of the major advantages of wet pour surfacing is that it comes in so many different colour options. This can be used to create bold, bright surfacing and also a wealth of different patterns, whether that’s to convey a theme or simply to stimulate and spark imagination and creativity.
  • A low maintenance commitment. Very little is required to maintain wet pour surfacing and ensure that it remains effective. You may need to clear debris from the surface and look out for any deterioration over time but wet pour safety surfacing is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Designed to be durable. Wet pour safety surfacing has a long lifespan and is specifically designed to be resistant to a whole wide range of different uses and activities. It’s a much more cost effective option than many other types of safety surface because of the longevity it offers. It’s also very simple to repair – if part of the surfacing is damaged or vandalised it can simply be repaired, rather than having to replace the surfacing for an entire area.

Wet pour provides a simple, safe, aesthetically impressive option for any area where compliant safety surfacing is required.