Celebrate Christmas with Caloo Playground Markings

Christmas is all about having fun and there are lots of ways to celebrate with Caloo playground markings. Best of all there are games that will work for children of any age and this is a great opportunity to bring kids together and start getting excited about the festive period to come. These are just a few of the ways that you can get creative with Caloo playground markings and use them to celebrate Christmas this year.

Christmas pudding toss

This is one of the simplest games you can do with Caloo playground markings. Use the target markings for throwing games with bean bags as the Christmas puds. Whoever can throw their pud and score the highest number of points wins the game. It’s not just a fun game either, as it’s also a great opportunity to get children practicing their adding up.

A relay for reindeers

The running track or bleep test markings are perfect for relay racing – with a festive theme of course. Ask your students to come dressed in their best reindeer costumes and then they can take it in turns dashing through the snow (on the playground markings) and the fastest team wins.

A merry game of Mirror Me

Use the Mirror Me markings to have a game of Santa Says – divide everyone into groups with one representative who stands on the footprints. Then bring in your Santa and get them to give different commands to the group. The key is to not get caught out and only carry out the command when it’s given with a “Santa Says” at the start.

Festive noughts and crosses

With the noughts and crosses markings you can make things festive by opting for baubles or candy canes instead of the traditional O or X. Give the children different coloured chalk and encourage them to get creative about the designs they use as well as trying to be strategic and win the game.

A cracker of a spelling competition

The letter playground markings are perfect for a spelling competition, especially one with a festive theme that is going to get everyone super excited for Christmas. Pick your list of Christmas words and then ask a student to spell their word by standing on the letter playground markings. Everyone who gets theirs right gets a round of Christmas cheers.

The Christmas Eve journey

With your world map markings, you can take your students on a round-the-world trip that mirrors the one that Father Christmas is likely to do on Christmas Eve. Get everyone to join in identifying the countries and supply some festive facts about each one.

Packing the Christmas Sleigh

This game uses the A-Z spiral with one child standing on each letter. The game is “On Christmas eve Santa packed in his sleigh.” and then the child names something beginning with the letter on which they’re standing. The challenge is to name all the items that have been added to the sleigh before their turn too.

Caloo playground markings are ideal for celebrating Christmas and getting everyone into the festive spirit this year.

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