Festive Activities for Local Community Playgrounds

Christmas is coming and it’s a great time to get together as a local community and celebrate. Local community playgrounds are the ideal space for this, providing somewhere fun and festive for everyone. The weather might be chillier but that’s just a great excuse to wrap up warm and get everyone to bring their favourite hot drinks to enjoy while soaking up some much-needed winter Vitamin D. These are some of our top festive activities suggestions for local community playgrounds this year.

Have some themed events

Everyone loves a theme and festive activities provide a great opportunity for that. You could opt for a ‘Fairytales’ tea party, for example, where everyone dresses up as their favourite fairytale character. Or choose something from a show or movie, such as Harry Potter, Peppa Pig or Frozen. Community playgrounds are a great space for themed parties, day or night – just make sure you’ve got plenty of lighting if you’re going to extend into the evening hours.

Somewhere to meet Father Christmas

At this time of year, Father Christmas is all that kids are thinking about and a local community playground is a great place to make introductions. Your Father Christmas can be part of a team with other festive characters who can all work together when it comes to whipping up that lovely festive cheer.

A place to host a holiday market

Christmas markets are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, not just as somewhere to buy lots of fun things but also a festive atmosphere that they create. A local community playground can be a prime spot to host a mini festive market and also to strengthen ties in the local communities. Recruit local vendors to bring their food, drink and products so that everyone can shop in a stress-free environment and enjoy some tasty festive treats at the same time. This is a great way to support local community businesses and also make some local introductions.

Outdoor festive games

The run-up to Christmas can be an incredibly busy time of year but by hosting some outdoor festive games in a local community playground you can give families the chance to let off some steam and have some fun together – which is what Christmas is all about, after all. There are lots of different games you can play, from reindeer relay races to a pass-the-parcel type game with a very well-wrapped-up gift. Ask the local community for suggestions to get everyone involved.

A great carolling spot

Singing Christmas carols outside is a lovely way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas – and also to share it around. A local community playground is a perfect place for this as it’s a central spot that everyone can benefit from. Invite local people, choirs and performers and make an event of it with hot mulled wine, soup and snacks everyone can enjoy as they gather around to sing.

These are just some ideas of how you can enjoy festive activities in local community playgrounds this year.

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