Challenge Balance and Coordination at an early age

Recent studies by Early Years Specialist in Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences found that youngsters aged four to five were experiencing problems with balance and coordination which affected their learning ability.

The test was carried out on 45 reception youngsters at a state primary school and an independent school. Problems were attributed to the lack of outdoor play and increase in iPad and phone indoor play. Children’s fine and gross motor skills were not as developed as expected for this age range and 90% demonstrated some form of movement difficulty.

Dr Rebecca Duncombe, who led the study, said the lack of physical ability shown demonstrated that children are not as active as they should be in the beginning of their lives.
“Young children have access to iPads and are much more likely to be sat in car seats or chairs,” Dr Duncombe said. “But the problem can also be attributed to competitive parenting – parents who want their children to walk as soon as possible risk letting them miss out on key mobility developments which help a child to find their strength and balance.”

Physical development is part of the Early Years curriculum within nurseries and schools, but there appears to be a lack of awareness and understanding of the kinds of activities this could include, she added.

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