Is a MUGA pitch beneficial for schools?

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are an incredibly versatile resource for any school today. They not only provide an area for play but also somewhere to host a range of sports and outdoor learning. A MUGA pitch could include a number of different features, from fencing and goals to storage, sports markings (e.g. netball and hockey) and different surfaces. They are incredibly beneficial for any school for the following reasons.


An all-weather option – A MUGA pitch isn’t just for the summer or for fine days, something that is incredibly important in a country like the UK. The surfacing used means that it won’t get muddy or cracked and you’ll never have to worry about water pooling on a MUGA pitch. This is because the installation process is comprehensive and takes into account the need for an all-weather finish. It includes excavation as well as the application of a protective membrane and stone and sand.


The physical benefits of play – When there’s a MUGA pitch on site, the options for activity are considerably broadened. This means that children have many more opportunities to access the physical benefits of play. Regularly using a MUGA pitch can help children to develop cardiovascular fitness and understand their bodies better, avoiding problems like obesity later in life. It can also help to build upper and lower body strength, coordination, social skills and fundamental movement skills. Plus it’s a great way to help children improve overall body strength.


No need for maintenance – If you’re using grass sports pitches then the maintenance requirements can be constant and very expensive. However, a MUGA pitch requires little to no maintenance, meaning that your students can always use the pitch without the need for the school to budget for a groundskeeper or costly supplies.


A way to boost the income of the school –  A MUGA pitch is designed to be an area that can be used for many different activities at any time. So, while you might prioritise the use of your MUGA pitch for your students and their learning, when it is not in use it can easily be hired out to someone else. Local sports teams, for example, are often looking for somewhere reliable to play and are happy to pay a charge for this.


More sports in a smaller space – Every school would like to be able to offer a broad range of sports but most simply don’t have the required area for this. A MUGA pitch makes it possible to increase sporting provision at a school without acquiring a large additional area in which to do it. That might include expanding to offer tennis, netball, hockey, basketball and football, for example. Plus, the pitch can be divided into two so that games can take place in the same area at the same time.


From low maintenance to the increased range of sporting activities that your school can offer, these are just some of the benefits of having a MUGA pitch on site.

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