The impact of outdoor play equipment for schools

Even before COVID and the change it brought in terms of outside activity, the popularity of outdoor play equipment was starting to rise. Today, with many more options to choose from, and quality customised playground equipment more freely available, there is even more of an incentive to integrate this valuable resource into a learning environment. These are just some of the ways in which outdoor play equipment has an impact on schools.


Encouraging outdoor play and discovery – With engaging and useful outdoor play equipment for schools, children can enjoy all the benefits of exploration and discovery that come from outdoor activities. Not only does this encourage lots of different types of play but it’s also a simple way to encourage children away from devices and out into the fresh air.


Exciting equipment is an easy way to improve physical health – Children want to try outdoor play equipment that appeals to them, which can make it a simple way to introduce more activity into the school day, boosting overall physical health. It can also help kids to improve motor skills and learn in different ways.


Collaboration and social skills are encouraged – In an empty playground there may be all sorts of issues with interaction, from none at all to some pupils feeling intimidated or left out. Outdoor play equipment for schools encourages spontaneous activity and joining in, improving socialising and confidence and giving children the opportunity to interact with others without any pressure. The more children learn to interact and socialise the more skills they will develop when it comes to communication and self-expression.


Fostering more creative and imaginative play – There are limited options for creativity in a standard playground and so children may not feel that inspired. However, where there is outdoor play equipment, children can try new things, get creative and explore the imaginative sparks that the equipment generates. There are lots of different items that can be used to help children explore their ideas and imagination, from sails through to canopies and sensory gardens.


Improved mental health – There is a lot of pressure on children today, especially when it comes to achievement and doing well in school. Add to that the social pressures of growing up and the way that technology can make us feel isolated and there isn’t much space left for just being a kid. This can take a toll on mental health, as well as physical. Outdoor play equipment is a great asset, as it inspires the kind of physical activity that releases endorphins and encourages support and engagement that can make children feel like they’re not alone.


Enhancing classroom learning – We all learn in different ways and there are lots of different ways to teach. Outdoor play equipment provides an opportunity to enhance teaching experiences and investigate different ways to learn.


From improving physical and mental health, to inspiring more confidence and creativity, these are just some of the ways in which outdoor play equipment for schools can make a positive impact.


If you’re looking to make great chances to the well-being of your students then investing in your playground equipment is the most effective way – browse our wide range of outdoor play equipment for schools on our playgrounds page.