The Importance of Outdoor Play Equipment for Children with Learning Difficulties

Children with learning difficulties can find many parts of life a struggle, especially when it comes to learning. All our brains are different and we all learn in our own way but there are some who are more different than others. For those young people, the challenge is often to find ways to engage them, provide options for learning that will work with how they want to approach it and to make the whole process feel much less of a struggle. Outdoor play equipment can have a big role in making that happen.


All children benefit from outdoor learning


Being able to learn and play outside is something that will have a positive impact on children across the learning spectrum. Outdoor play equipment can provide a space in which children can explore activities and their own abilities in a safe environment, as well as interacting with the world around them. Being able to access outdoor play equipment can considerably enhance development because children are interacting more with the world around them. They will also be developing key social skills and making new and exciting discoveries with their friends. This is something that benefits all children – including those with learning disabilities – and that’s why it’s so important to make outdoor play equipment accessible to everyone.


Why does outdoor play equipment benefit children with learning difficulties?


A child with learning difficulties is likely to have a stronger response to being able to play outside and that can be a vital part of development. Being stuck inside may be a big disadvantage for a child with learning difficulties who would really thrive if they were exposed more to outdoor play equipment and an outdoor environment. When children use outdoor play equipment this provides a huge boost to cognitive functions, from thinking to remembering and decision-making. This is something that children with learning difficulties benefit even more from, especially as using outdoor play equipment takes the pressure off and instead can make learning fun.


A space for excess energy


For children who have autism or ADHD, outdoor play equipment can provide somewhere to burn off excess energy that can get in the way of learning. Studies have found that this kind of outdoor activity actually helps enhance mental focus for children like this and make learning just that little bit easier. Children with learning difficulties may be struggling with how they feel and an outdoor play area can provide a space where they can simply play and don’t have to spend time on anxiety or worries. Outdoor play equipment can support a very wide range of different activities, from football to basketball and hockey, providing plenty of variety and lots of opportunities for children to join in no matter what they enjoy. This helps to build confidence and improve social skills too.


Outdoor play is an important opportunity for all young people to get active and explore their environment but it can be especially vital for a child with learning disabilities. Caloo are leading providers of outdoor gym and playground equipment, with a specialist range of inclusive equipment for children.