Why are Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAS) Fantastic for Schools?

Today, you’ll find Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAS) in many different areas, from local green spaces to holiday parks – and, of course, schools. Wherever children might benefit from play, having MUGAS can create options and open up a whole wide range of choices when it comes to activities and engagement. MUGAS work for people of all ages, and especially for children, which is why they are such a fantastic choice for schools.


Multi Use Game Areas


MUGAS are single pitches that have been designed to incorporate a wide range of different activities. Most playground equipment can be useful for some children but Multi Use Game Areas will engage a much broader spectrum of young people. Each one can be designed to target the games that children will want to play, to help encourage social interaction and more physical activity and exploration.


MUGAS work especially well in schools


You can put Multi Use Game Areas anywhere and see the benefits but these are some of the reasons why MUGAS are especially useful for schools.


Ideal, even for small spaces – 

If space is at a premium in your school then MUGAS are the ideal solution. These areas can be designed to accommodate multiple activities so that children can enjoy a wide range by simply adapting the same space.

Individually tailored design – 

Multi Use Game Areas can be created specifically for the needs of the school and its pupils, as there are lots of different options to choose the specifics and the markings for MUGAS to make them the perfect fit for your requirements.

Making the benefits of playing outdoors more accessible –

These benefits are many, from physical and mental development to encouraging children to take responsibility for their health and creating an area where they can improve their talents and social skills through the wide variety of different activities that MUGAS can provide.

A cost effective approach –

Budgetary restrictions are a reality for most schools today but MUGAS offer a way to provide access to multiple activities in a cost effective way. Markings can be used to accommodate many different games rather than having to invest in a separate space for each. The resources that you’ll save by opting for MUGAS can be reinvested elsewhere to add more value.

Low maintenance commitments

Multi Use Game Areas require very little maintenance, as they are designed to be durable even when in heavy use. Plus, you will only have one area to maintain for all those different sports and activities, rather than being required to maintain multiple areas for every one.

Creating a link between having fun and an active lifestyle – 

When children have access to MUGAS they can start to explore activities, games and outdoor play. This is often a vital part of forging that important link between having fun and enjoying an active lifestyle that is so important later in life. Without the opportunity to explore in this way, children may not learn, while they are young, what it means to enjoy physical activity.


MUGAS are cost effective, well designed and an ideal resource for schools keen to engage children in more physical activity.

At Caloo, we pride ourselves on providing the best Multi Use Game Areas in the UK, we offer standard set ups or fully customisable designs with a variety of options and accessories. Please browse our full range of options on our MUGAs page and then contact us today!

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