Benefits of Investing in Schools and Playgrounds for Communities

There are many ways in which the government can make investments that benefit schools and communities. Funnelling funds into playgrounds have a huge range of advantages, from improving fitness and socialising in children to giving parents more opportunities to connect. They are a simple way to create a very positive benefit wherever they are created. These are just some of the reasons why more investment in playgrounds for schools and communities from the government is vital in 2022.


Improving fitness – NHS recommendations are that children between 5 and 18 should do around 60 minutes of moderate or intense physical activity per day. Public playgrounds provide opportunities for children to be active and also to build strength via equipment such as balance beams and overhead bars. Introducing children to physical activity at a young age is important for development, and for understanding the necessity of regularly moving your body, especially when screens and devices have become so dominant. It’s important to ensure that, at an early age, children are active but not focused on fitness in a way that could create challenging beliefs later in life. Playgrounds are the ideal space to help ensure this, as there is plenty of opportunities to run around and burn off energy, without the focus on body expectations and image that might be found in a gym.

Providing a community hub – Where there is a playground in a school or community, it provides a location for people to gather. It’s a safe space for children to come and interact with friends, exercise, get creative and explore their imagination. Playgrounds provide a place where parents can connect too, and everyone within the local community can join in and get to know each other more. The government and local councils looking to strengthen bonds within local communities should consider creating safe spaces where people can connect – playgrounds offer one of the easiest ways to do this.

Children learn through play – There is a huge bank of evidence now that shows just how much children really learn through the kinds of activities they will do in a playground. This will support development in many different ways. For example, play supports cognitive development because when children are playing, building, and interacting with various materials they are also analysing, counting and communicating. Playgrounds are spaces where kids have the freedom to start building friendships and exploring social development. Play can also be vital to emotional development as a playground may generate a whole range of feelings, from excitement to fear, and children can start to get used to regulating these. Creative development is also triggered by playgrounds that are vivid and vibrant and encourage imagination. And, of course, physical development is facilitated by a playground environment focused on building fitness and strength.


Investing in playgrounds for schools and communities is something that needs more focus. From child development to providing somewhere for the local community to come together and connect, there are many positive benefits to doing this.


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