Caloo secures 6 new prison and young offender institute contracts

During the first six months of 2012, Caloo secured contracts to install primarily cardio-based outdoor gyms in six prison (HMP) and youth offender institution (HMYOI) facilities. This unprecedented success came after a long and highly competitive tender process, and resulted in the installation of high-quality fitness equipment in association yards and healthcare yards at the Hindley, Bristol, Pentonville, Swaleside, Everthorpe and North Allerton sites.

Caloo representatives worked closely with prison system personnel to provide consultations, guide selection and complete installation of a range of outdoor cardio- and strength-based gym equipment to fit each facility’s particular needs. The selected outdoor gym equipment was chosen for two primary purposes: for installation in association yards to provide opportunities for inmates to stay physically fit, and in healthcare yards to provide rehabilitation for injured prisoners or those recovering from illness.

The projects were completed within budget and on time, which is a common reason companies and organisations choose Caloo as their outdoor gym provider. Feedback since the installations indicates that the new outdoor gym facilities have been well received by inmates and are regularly used. This response has attracted the interest of other institutions across the country, some of which are now consulting with Caloo regarding the acquisition of outdoor gym equipment for their sites.

Caloo understands that providing inmates with access to exercise facilities can be contentious, particularly when the image most people have of prison gyms comes from Hollywood movies where overly muscular inmates spend their days bulking up in an outdoor gym that looks more like Venice Beach than a correctional facility. In contrast, Caloo gyms are designed for improving overall health and fitness. Further, the outdoor gym facilities fitted out under these contracts are predominantly equipped with cardio-based fitness equipment.

By partnering with Caloo to provide high-quality, appealing outdoor gym equipment for these six facilities, the prison system has taken an important step in providing enhanced opportunities for cardiovascular fitness, rehabilitation, improved quality of life and constructive ways for inmates to spend their time while incarcerated.