99 years young and still active

Even at 99 years young, one resident of Newcastle-under Lyme in Staffordshire was keen to try out the new Caloo fitness installation in Lyme Valley and Bathpool Parks.Following a formal tender, Caloo were selected to supply and install Outdoor Fitness Equipment into two parks under the NHS funded choosing health project.Local research had identified that North Staffordshire has a higher than average incidence of Cardio vascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and obesity levels.

Elderly man on outdoor fitness gym Physical activity has been shown to reduce the impact of Coronary Heart Disease risk factors, contribute (in conjunction with a healthy diet) to significant weight loss and prevent and ameliorate the management of long term health conditions and the sequence of adverse health events such as Myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Walking has been described as the “the best buy in public health” the “perfect” form of moderate exercise. (Morris 1993) It is sustainable, cheap and available to 95% of the adult population. The evidence base for physical activity’s capacity to improve health and prevent or ameliorate illness (physical and mental) is not in doubt.
14 items of equipment were installed in June 2009 and quickly became popular with local residents who incorporated the equipment into regular routines including a 99 year young gentleman who commented that “we didn’t have this type of thing when I was young. I think it is a great idea”.