4 Benefits of Community Parks and Playground Equipment

Community parks provide a space where anyone in the local area can come together, especially children. They are a vital resource in terms of delivering recreational activities and fitness options and providing opportunities to be active and interact with others. However, that’s not where the benefits end, as community parks and playground equipment also help to improve living standards in the local area and provide more opportunities for people to connect. These are 4 key benefits of community parks and playground equipment.


  1. The free way to have fun –  There is no money involved for anyone in using community parks and playground equipment. Given the rising cost of living and the pressures many people face on their household budgets it’s vital that this kind of resource remains available. Community parks and playground equipment are a simple way to occupy children without spending any money – and are a really fun way for everyone to interact.
  2. A great boost for physical and mental health – Research has found that children face many more pressures today, whether that relates to social pressure or academic stress. While there are lots of different ways to deal with this, one of the most effective is to spend more time outside. Fresh air and sunlight contribute to more positive mental health and playground equipment provides the opportunity for children to get fitter and stronger, as well as more confident in their bodies. It’s also important to note that people often use community parks as a family so this can create a great opportunity for that all important family time. When you combine the outdoor environment, with exercise and activity – and strengthening family bonds – it’s easy to see why community parks and playground equipment have such a positive effect.
  3. Helping children to gain more social confidence – Especially during the pandemic, many of us became less confident in our interactions with others – and this applies to children as much as anyone else. Community parks provide an environment to rebuild communication skills and nurture more cognitive and social skills, as well as finding confidence again. The physical play element is also important, as physical confidence can be as important as emotional confidence when it comes to how children show up in the world.
  4. Interacting with other people in the community – Community parks and playground equipment are often a focal point for people who live in the area and so create the space for bonds to form. This is something that is vital to creating more understanding among different groups in the community, as well as developing perspective and respect. This is always reflected in the way that children play together without judgment of each other at a young age – the more children are able to play like this with people who are not necessarily like them, the more understanding and perspective is likely to form. This is invaluable and something that community parks can provide space for.


From free fun, to improved mental health and social connections, these are just some of the benefits offered by community parks and playground equipment.