Outdoor Gym Equipment and How It Supports Communities

Communities all over the country have been significantly impacted in recent years. Whether as a result of economic shifts or the pandemic, there have been changes that have put pressure on local people and local ties. That’s especially so when it comes to physical health as well as emotional outlook and the way that we interact with others in the area that we live. There are many ways in which Caloo outdoor gym equipment is helping to support communities through these challenging times.


Getting people out and exercising more


The pandemic meant that many of us got into more sedentary habits. In fact, one survey found that more than 40% of adults had put on weight since the first lockdown. Average weight gain was highest among the older age brackets (35 – 65) and many have found this additional weight difficult to shift. Currently, around two thirds of adults are living with obesity or excessive weight in the UK and this can cause a wide range of different issues, from health problems through to negative self image. Caloo outdoor gym equipment is supporting transformation in communities by providing opportunities and incentives for people to commit to new programmes of exercise and do so in an enjoyable way that also makes this sustainable.


Removing barriers to fitness


One big obstacle to getting fitter and losing weight is a lack of access to fitness equipment. Outdoor gym equipment is an obvious solution to this, as it’s free to use and anyone can use it. Caloo outdoor gym equipment can be designed specifically for the needs of the local community, whether that’s low-impact and low-resistance options or something more challenging. People getting fitter not only benefits communities in terms of lightening the burden on the local NHS and giving individuals more options going forward – it can also be a way to improve mental health within communities. Outdoor gym equipment provides a free way for anyone to start training differently and achieve new fitness goals that can be transformative for physical and mental health.


Integrating local groups and bringing people together


There are lots of reasons why people don’t go to the gym, whether that’s fear or not knowing what to do, embarrassment or a lack of confidence. Gyms can be expensive, intimidating environments and may put someone off from exercising. Outdoor gym equipment has none of this because it is freely available and can be used by anyone at any time. Instructions are clearly labelled and easy to understand, which means that anyone can have access to high quality fitness when it suits them. Caloo outdoor gym equipment can also provide a focal point for local groups, a place where individuals can come to train together and support and help each other. It’s a powerful way to strengthen local ties and understanding, as well as improving individual health.


Caloo outdoor gym equipment is free and accessible to anyone. It is a tool supporting local communities in navigating many of the challenges right now, from post-pandemic mental health to the obesity epidemic.

If you have a outdoor gym project in mind, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve helped many communities and councils create wonderful outdoor spaces, contact us today!