Celebrate Halloween with Caloo Playground Markings

Halloween is the perfect time to play as this spooky annual event is much loved by children. From dressing up to telling stories this is the time of year when you can get really creative. Everyone loves trick or treating, finding the perfect costume and watching scary movies at home with lots of ghoulish-themed treats. There are also plenty of ways to incorporate Halloween games with Caloo playground markings – if you want to get into the Halloween spirit this year then this is what we’d suggest.

A relay race in crafty costumes

Use the running track or bleep test playground markings as the basis for a relay race, especially for Halloween. Make sure that everyone gets into the spirit by dressing up in their teams – you could even have a specific theme for each team, whether that’s witches and wizards or creatures of the night. Incentivise your teams of little ghouls with Halloween treats and then race during break times or PE lessons.

A mirror game for little monsters

Use the footprint playground markings as the basis for a game of mirroring that can be really fun for everyone. Divide your children into teams and have one Main Monster. The Main Monster stands in the circle at the front of the markings (this doesn’t have to be a teacher!) and then a representative of each of the groups stands on the footprints. The Main Monster then does their best mad and spooky dancing and movement and the team representatives have to copy them as best they can. When someone gets a movement wrong, they’re out and another student takes their place. This game is not just fun but also a really effective way to help improve memory, coordination and cooperative skills.

A Quidditch obstacle course

Fans of Harry Potter, or just magic in general, will love this one. Use our trail playground markings as the basis for a Quidditch obstacle course that students can navigate as if they were flying around on a Quidditch broom. This can be a great way to get everyone to delve deep into their imagination to navigate the course with as many movements as they can. That could include running and jumping, as well as crawling, sprinting, climbing, avoiding obstacles and then flying to the finish line.

Spelling for zombies

Have a spelling competition with a zombie theme especially for Halloween using our letter playground markings. This is a really simple one to arrange as all you need is a list of Halloween-themed words for everyone to have a go at spelling. Give your students some time to learn the words before you start the competition, especially if they’re a bit unusual, and then take everyone outside when it’s time. Then let the children use the letter markings to spell out the words when it’s their turn.

Halloween is a great way to bring people together to play. Caloo playground markings offer lots of opportunities to create some games that are both fun and inclusive.

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