The Benefits of Hydraulic Outdoor Gym Equipment:

Traditional gyms helps users improve their strength and cardiovascular system through weighted gym equipment.

A survey by Better revealed that 14.28% of people who would like to train find that traditional gyms are too busy so they are deterred to start/continue with their fitness journey. With a new pilot scheme run by the UK government to begin in January 2022, it would be a fantastic opportunity for local authorities to invest in some hydraulic outdoor gym equipment to encourage communities to exercise.

What Is a Hydraulic Outdoor Gym?

A hydraulic outdoor gym gives exercisers the ability to add resistance to their workouts. The hydraulic units are also very similar to the gym equipment you see at leisure centres except they can withstand the varying UK weather conditions.

Can a Hydraulic Outdoor Gym Unit Be Used With Non Resistance Based Equipment?

Absolutely! Hydraulic gym units are a great accompaniment to non-resistance based gym equipment as exercisers can use benches to target their abdominals whilst using a hydraulic leg lift to target their quadriceps. This gives outdoor gym users complete freedom in choosing how to perform their workout routine.

I Have a Question About Hydraulic Outdoor Gym Units, Can You Help?

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