Project Details
CLIENT Athena School
BUDGET £18,981.63 + VAT
DATE 2019
PROJECT TYPE Education Outdoor Gym Equipment and Outdoor Classroom

The Brief:
The Client were interested in providing some outdoor opportunities for their pupils. Outdoor gym equipment was discussed to offer fitness and exercise options to the students along with an Outdoor Classroom for teaching outside for a relaxing shaded space during recreational time.

Equipment Installed:
– Education Bundle on grassmatting
-Outdoor Classroom – Hexagon

The Challenges:
Being within a school setting the we wanted to ensure students safety during the installation stage. We were able to fit the installation in during half term to eliminate risk.

The installation was a success and the school were able to come back from half term to the new equipment to use. The outdoor gym has been popular for use during break time with students and the amount of use stations available mean children are able to exercise with their friends.

The Outdoor classroom is great for resting during break time along with providing a sheltered space for outdoor learning.