Project Details
Client Curdworth Primary School
Date 2022
Project Type KS1 Education Outdoor Gym Bundle

The Brief:
The client wanted to provide their KS1 children with an outdoor gym so that they could exercise and socialise with one another whilst learning about the positive impacts of exercise. The bundle is to be used within their PE lessons in combination with the Caloo Pulse app.

Equipment Installed:
CW05s Cross Rider Duo
CW13s Tai Chi Wheel
CW67s Cardio Boxes
CW35s Arm Bike
CW08s Skier
CW14s Rider
CW15s Body Twist
CW03s Air Walker Duo

The installation of the KS1 Education Outdoor Gym Bundle was completed on time and within budget. KS1+ aged children can now exercise in a safe and supervised area whilst socialising with one another.
We installed the units onto grass matting to provide a reinforced surface so that the area can be used all year round.