Project Details
CLIENT Dodington Parish Council
BUDGET £30,000.00 + VAT
DATE 2019
PROJECT TYPE Outdoor Gym with SUDS Bond Surfacing

The Brief:
The Client were looking to install an Outdoor Gym for local residents in the area. Offering a free was for people to get fit.

Equipment Installed:
• Air Walker, Cycle, Chest Press and Lat Pull Combi, Seatless Arm Bike, Seatless Chest Press and Lat Pull Combi, Upper Body Workout,Skier, Body Twist, Sit Up Benches and Cross Rider.
• SUDS Bond Surfacing

The Challenges:
The installation was completed in a public park so HERAS fencing was erected to protect the public during the installation. The site allowed for two units per pad so multiple lots of HERAS was allowed for to cover each site.

The new gym has provided a good exercise trail along the existing path. The SUDS bond allows use of the gym in all weather conditions as SUDS offers fast drainage and no surface water build up. As the site is popular with dog walkers a dog lead post was installed at each two unit pad. This allows dog walkers to stop off and work out safely with their dog closely by.
The site offers a wide range of unit for strength and cardiovascular activities along with two wheelchair friendly units.