Project Details
CLIENT Wigan Council, York Avenue.
BUDGET £20,000.00 + VAT
DATE 2018
PROJECT TYPE Outdoor Gym and Calisthenics Unit

The Brief:
The Client went out to tender for the installation of an outdoor gym facility at the York Avenue Site. They were looking for a variety of equipment for all abilities to use, to create a full body workout.
We decided to present Wigan Council with our new Variable Resistance Outdoor gym equipment alongside a stunning calisthenics unit for strength-based workouts. The combination created the destination facility the council were looking for, along with being robust to withstand local anti-social behaviour.

The Budget: £20,000.00 + VAT

The Challenges:
The installation of this site provided a few challenges for the team. Working within a community park meant the public had access 24/7. Protective fencing was installed to allow the team to work safely in the designated area, this also helped limited access and protect the public while the works were completed.

We focused on ensuring that the works did not have an adverse effect on the local and general environment and were completed within the allocated timeframe to minimise disruption.

Equipment Installed:

• Vario Active Bundle – Outdoor Gym in Black and Silver,
• Florida Street Workout Calisthenics Unit,
• SUDS Bond Surfacing for Gym,
• Grass Matting Surfacing for Calisthenics.