How adventure playgrounds help children play

There are lots of different ways that we play as children and each one contributes something to our overall development. Adventure play – also known as ‘risky’ play – is vital for children in their early years. It gives us the chance to explore and expand in ways that we may not in other environments. In the modern world there aren’t that many places where children can actually do this but adventure playgrounds are exactly the right space for this to happen.

Why is adventure play important?

Adventure playgrounds enable children to engage in adventure play – but why does this matter? As mentioned, this type of play is also called ‘risky’ play because it is defined as a challenging and thrilling form of play that could involve a risk of physical injury. Obviously no parent wants to put their child at risk of physical injury but this is actually a really important part of child development for a number of key reasons:

  • Adventure play helps children to explore themselves and their spaces and to develop a vital awareness of their own limits and boundaries.
  • The kind of self-understanding involved in this type of play – as well as pushing through comfort zones – tends to help kids develop confidence.
  • Ultimately, risky play like that which happens in adventure playgrounds, gives children the tools to learn how to be safe in the modern world, which is obviously a key skill to have.
  • Adventure play can be exciting and inspiring for children and help to stimulate ideas and creativity because of the nature of the environment.

How do adventure playgrounds help children play? Two examples

  1. Climbing skills. Adventure playgrounds are often designed to help children develop climbing skills, whether that is scaling trees or using equipment. This is an activity that has a lot of benefits for a developing child, including when it comes to improving physical strength and coordination as well as mental focus and concentration. Climbing is one of those activities that we often feel like we can’t do when we first consider it, so this can be a great opportunity for children to learn to push through discomfort and try something even if they’re not sure they’re capable of it. The sense of achievement and accomplishment that results can be a key factor in developing confidence and courage.
  2. Learning new things. Adventure playgrounds can also provide a great setting for teaching children new skills, such as how to engage with nature and even some basic survival skills. This can be incredibly exciting and inspiring for young minds and will give kids a whole new skill set to fall back on. Plus, it will enable children to learn how to efficiently handle risks – and the physical learning experiences can help with everything, from motor skills to muscle memory.

Adventure playgrounds are an important part of the play experience that children have today. They are vital for everything, from developing confidence and courage to giving children the opportunity to test out their boundaries and limits. Our playground equipment has been designed to ensure that children of all abilities and ages can develop, grow and socialise in an outdoor playground setting.