Project Details
CLIENT Clawson Hose & Harby Parish Council
BUDGET £12,500.00 + VAT
DATE 2017
PROJECT TYPE Half Pipe Skate Park Project

The Site:
Harby Playground had a pre-existing concrete pad within the local playing fields.

The Brief:
The Client had secured some funding which they were looking to put towards some skate equipment to utilise the space.  After visiting the site, the concrete pad was not deemed suitable for wheeled sports but could sit a half pipe within the measurements which would solve this issue.

We looked to work within the clients budget to get the site the popular half pipe unit which could be enjoyed by a variety of different age groups and user levels.

The Budget: £12,500.00 + VAT

The Challenges:
The installation of this site provided a few challenges for the team. Working within a community park near other play space activities meant the public had access 24/7. Protective fencing was installed to allow the team to work safely in the designated area, this also helped limited access and protect the public while the works were completed.

We focused on ensuring that the works did not have an adverse effect on the local and general environment and were completed within the allocated time frame to minimise disruption.

The new half pipe has provided a space for people to practice their skate techniques within the local park. The site has seen regular use and this has proved to be the ideal product choice for this location.

Equipment Installed:

Steel Half Pipe 1.2m High x 2.4m Wide and Approx 8.8m